Our services

Since 2013 we offer a wide range of digital services and solutions for different organizations.
Nearshore Website Development
We offer On Call development teams for every need. Need an extra hand or two? With our dedicated tech recruitment talent, we are ready to help teams and companies worldwide scale quickly with up to date talent, clear pricing structures, and aligned culture.
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Web Design and Development
The presence of your company on the Internet is as important as the physical location. A website expands our reach, engaging your audience and increasing your conversion rate. We offer web page design and development in HTML5, WordPress, Drupal, E-commerce platforms and more.
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We develop E-commerce websites with platforms like Shopity and WooCommerce, that allow us to improve the marketing reach of our products and incorporate tools to create promotions, share information and sales.
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Cloud Computing Tools
In the Cloud there is space for everything. That is why at BlueTide we are Google Cloud Partners which allows us to establish digital infrastructure solutions for all types of industries. Additionally we offer: hosting servers, backup services, administration, migrations, consulting and much more.
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Digital Marketing & SEO
Ensure the performance of your website through digital marketing and SEO optimization strategies. We take care of improving your presence and image on the internet by strengthening your message to important users of your brand.
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Web Maintenance
With WP Amigo we help companies to improve the performance and security of their website; Whether you need a monthly, hourly or after-hours plan at BlueTide we focus on your WordPress running efficiently.
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Web Consulting
With the right approach, a web page can meet multiple objectives, so whenever your site is discussed; we carry out diagnosis, plans and special strategies for your type of company.
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